A Delicious and Healthy Alternative to Coffee

November 30, 2011

Cafe Cebada

By: Vicki Hiney, Publisher
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Cafe Cebada

I was never a coffee drinker until I started my first full time job after college. Then I slowly started to feel like I could not survive without my morning cup. I gave up coffee at various times over the last few years because I didn’t always fee great after drinking it. But when I did give it up, I always missed the comfort of a warm drink early in the morning. I tried tea and hot chocolate but never really enjoyed them the same way I did coffee.

Recently I was given a sample of Cafe Cebada, a coffee alternative made from certified organic dark roasted barley. I had tried other coffee alternatives in the past so I was curious to see how Cafe Cebada compared. I was pleasantly surprised! Unlike the other “instant” substitutes, Cafe Cebada is meant to be brewed just like you would brew coffee. It filled my kitchen with a pleasant aroma while brewing.

And I made it just like I would make coffee – with a little sugar and a little half and half, and it was delicious! The best part was, it did not have that horrible after taste of coffee, and I felt good after drinking it too. (No caffeine side effects).

Their website lists some other tasty recipes using Cafe Cebada such as Gingerbread Latte Cebada, Iced Mochas, White Chocolate Latte and Nogged. These would make excellent party drinks for the holiday season.

If you are looking for an alternative to coffee or even just a healthy organic cold or warm drink, you should try Cafe Cebada. To learn more about the product and company and for those yummy recipes, visit www.cafecebada.com.

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